Law of Attraction – The Mystery Resolved

It’s been 10 years since “The Secret” was revealed to the world. It’s a spectacular work of Rhonda Byrne and the amazing thought leaders involved in the movie. However, the tragedy is that only a small percentage of people have got their desired results while all others are still struggling. Some of the strugglers have given up hope in life. But not any longer! Heather Matthews identified the pain point of people and came up with something known as the Destiny Tuning Method.

What is Destiny Tuning

Destiny tuning is a buzzword that Heather came up with a few years ago. This technique has the solution to the problems being faced by people. It links all the functional aspects of the law of attraction perfectly.
Here’s the scoop – Heather has released her program by the name of Manifestation Miracle. It starts off with a digitally downloadable eBook. It follows-up by offering Sonia Ricotti’s audio recordings and loads of other goodies. Eventually, Heather offers her monthly educational course which the users can discontinue any time.
The foundation of all of above is based on Destiny Tuning. Heather focuses on streamlining your relationships, finances, job or business goals and health. A detailed write-up on this topic can be seen here –

The Law of Attraction Shortcomings

Although, the movie (and the book) “The Secret” has covered most aspects in an appropriate manner, however they have fallen short of the basics. Most of its focus is on visualization and vision boards, which is good, but they have been unable to tie-up all of that with ACTION.
Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale and Bob Proctor have focused on the latter half in great depth. But due to the lack of Social Media back in those days, their work couldn’t be so prominent. They have given solution to ALL problems that people are facing after the launch of “The Secret”.
If you refer to Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws, you will be amazed at the level of wisdom he imparts w.r.t the Law of Attraction. He tells that the underlying law is the Law of Vibration and that we must align our thoughts such that it resonates with what the Universe has to offer. We should not have negative vibrations during positive thinking.

The Best Way to Grasp the Law of Attraction

Undoubtedly, you have most probably seen “The Secret” and want to learn about the law of attraction. The reality is the law of interest is just a name.

Although there are lots of teachers out there discussing this theory, but nobody is really 100% certain of how it works or what it actually is. The truth to be considered is that like attracts like. It’s possible for you to picture yourself as a magnet drawing that you experienced in all the conditions, people and things. Visions, your ideas, and senses work to bring unique things. The considerably more profound you absorb it, the clearer will you understand that you are responsible for everything that you experienced.

When it seems that things only occur for you, it is difficult to comprehend the incidences that keep happening in your life. In lots of cases, those deeper plans and hidden feelings can override what you believe and feel. While your conscious thoughts do not, your subconscious senses have the inclination to have considerably deeper and more powerful roots.

Understanding the law of attraction can require several years of expertise and learning. There are methods you use it to bring you more of what you need in life and can understand more.

1. Several of the self-help gurus might not use the term law of attraction, but you are going to come to understand the deeper degree of just what law of attraction actually means when reading the novels.

2. Work on the law of attraction daily – get it into practice, even if you only found out about this now. Hunt for evidence of the things that are significant you want.

3. Be patient. Do not predict changes that will occur overnight. Be stabilized while being open minded to amazing chances.

Law of attraction is love. The key would be to change your focus on the things you do want.

Recall, the deeper you comprehend the law of interest, the more you recognize the fact that you are responsible for everything that you experienced thusfar in life.

The Undisclosed Abundance Secrets of Excavation Process

This topic of excavation is very intriguing. Often times this process can result in a gold mine being discovered. But before I spill the beans, let’s understand what the terms excavation actually means.

Excavation is a term often used in archaeological study at a particular site. The study or analysis of this “site” can range from anywhere between a week upto a number of years, depending on the magnitude of the area involved and the intricacies while exploring the site.

Archaeologists are able to extract a wide array of data from a site. Now-a-days, due to technological advancement, scientists can discover and establish anything from artifacts, to ecofacts and all the way upto archaeological contexts. And everything can be reconstructed in a 3D space, if required, for a better understanding of the people as to what the ground space used to appear a number of years ago.

Excavation Tips for New Home Setup

During the process of home construction from ground zero, the entire area needs to be excavated in order for the foundation to be laid properly. It is also important for the underground electrical and wiring systems. Not to forget the plumbing structure. All risks need to be factored into during the initial phase of the setup process so that no undue aspect goes unattended.

Abundance Secrets during Excavation Process

A missing secret towards the wealth of archaeologists is the gold mines they come across, unknowingly, during the excavation process. Let me describe.

Archaeologists used to heed special consideration towards the possibility of locating potential gold during the digging process. Since the task of digging involves labour and sweat, the workers used to give up very soon and the other set of workers used to come in to continue the process. And more often than that – mostly the labourers who used to come towards the very end, used to locate gold (YES! That’s disposable cash!!) during digging various sites across the world.

3 Feet from Gold – Napoleon Hill’s Abundance Mindset Philosophy

This is a wonderful saying – “giving up just 3 feet from gold”. It’s often said in the context of winning and losing. It’s what separates winners from losers. And there’s no telling what the losers end up missing out in their lives.

There is detailed information on this subject that can be found on the website They have covered the topic of abundance and mindset beautifully. But for the sake of this article, I’ll keep it short.

Napoleon Hill beautifully explained it with the help of a real-life example in his book, Think & Grow Rich. And the story goes like this:

Back in the “Gold Rush Days”, there was a philosophy of “Dig & Grow Rich”. Mr Darby’s Uncle took up a straight-forward challenge and a task that very few have an exposure towards in real life. The Uncle’s lust for gold for so evident that he picked up the shovel and all other digging tools and went to work.

The Rise & Fall of Abundance (Money)

After months of hard work, he got his hands on the shining ore. But there was a problem. He needed some equipment and machinery to bring it to surface and reap the benefits (Massive Cash!!). Anyhow, he arranged for the machinery, came back to the site and started digging in.

He dug and transported a couple of carts to the smelter. It was all happening in Colorado! And soon his financial stars changed. He was soon slated to be amongst one of the richest guys in town (& in the state!).

They kept digging for days, but soon they saw a trend. The gold ore was nowhere to be found anymore. They tried. They searched hard to locate the “vein”. Just when the hopes of the Uncle were sky high, they didn’t come across the “vein” … for weeks together. And they ultimately gave up. THEY QUIT.

They went and sold the machinery to a mechanic. The mechanic took an engineer with him to the site. The engineer suggested to mechanic that Mr Darby’s Uncle didn’t know the technicality of locating the “fault lines”. After the engineer did his calculations, he recommended the mechanic that the gold ore would be found just 3 feet below where the Uncle had halted the drilling process. And so it was. The information was precise.

The mechanic made truck load of dollars ONLY BECAUSE he was wise to ask for expert advice on the subject matter. In other words, he had programmed his subconscious and had faith in the power of attraction, commonly referred to as the law of attraction.

This was possible only because of the mindset of abundance attraction that the mechanic possessed.

Hence, excavation is linked with abundance attraction since ages. The correlation of the two goes hand-in-hand. It cannot be separated. In today’s day and age, archaeologists are one of the wealthiest people in this world. It’s only because of this reason – the reason of NOT giving up when encountered with temporary defeat and taking expert advice on matters that are unknown to oneself.

Stay tuned for the next post in which I will share some things about the things that should be kept in mind before building a new home!